Lynn VanNatta

Lynn VanNatta, artist, painting Plein Air

Lynn VanNatta, painting Plein Air.

Lynn VanNatta has seen the world through the perception and sensitivity of a lifelong artist. As a child she sensed a strong connection to the world of art because of her great attraction to visual detail and color; as a teenager she attended youth art classes at the Summit, New Jersey, Art Association.

Lynn graduated from the University of Massachusetts, where she earned a BFA and certification in Art Education. Now she expresses herself primarily through oil painting, though she continues to experiment in other media. In her Vermont studio Lynn paints impressionistic still lifes and portraits in lush colors with free brush strokes. Her plein air paintings are inspired by the rolling hilled vistas and ever-changing seasonal hues of the Vermont countryside. She also considers Monhegan, Maine, and Tuscany, Italy, her current favorite locations to paint.

Lynn studied portrait painting with renowned Copley Artist Mark Hayden of Haverhill, Massachusetts, and was strongly influenced by landscape painter Caleb Stone of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Her still lifes, landscapes, and portraits capture the true image and essence of each subject. Painting on her own or in the company of other artists, Lynn savors every opportunity for challenge and constant growth that she finds in the life dedicated to art.

Learn more about Lynn and her artwork at lynnvannatta.com